Apifiny Launches VIP Program for Frequent Multi-Exchange Traders

Traders can now unlock lower trading fees across Apifiny’s connected exchanges by providing liquidity on Apifiny® HEX

Apifiny announced today the launch of its VIP Program, which allows users to unlock lower fees across the company’s network of leading exchanges by contributing liquidity to Apifiny HEX, the hybrid crypto exchange. The launch of the VIP program comes ahead of Apifiny going public through a planned merger with Abri SPAC Inc. (Nasdaq: ASPA, ASPAW, ASPAU) in Q3 2022. 

In today’s crypto trading ecosystem, institutional and frequent traders not only require seamless access to the entire crypto market, they also need smart tools and solutions that can ensure full pricing transparency. However, multi-exchange strategies often make it more difficult to aggregate volume on exchanges to achieve higher fee tiers and lower trading fees.  Through the new VIP Program, frequent multi-exchange traders can unlock lower trading fees by providing liquidity to Apifiny HEX, a hybrid crypto exchange. HEX aligns the incentives of traders and liquidity providers (LPs) using automated market making (AMM) and offers one unified order book that captures CEX and AMM crypto liquidity, while offering zero taker fees. Trading pairs include the recently  launched USDT/USD trading pair, providing a USD onramp/offramp for institutional traders.  

“Apifiny prioritizes liquidity aggregation by offering the right tools and pricing for both institutional and retail traders whose trading volume is not high enough to access exchanges’ VIP pricing. We have taken several strides to enhance the trading experience for our users, and this VIP Program is only one of many to come,” said Haohan Xu, CEO of Apifiny. “We are up against the world’s fragmented liquidity, and building a unified, global digital asset trading network for professional and VIP traders.”

Clients trading via Apifiny® Connect will enjoy 20% trading fee discounts off each connected exchange’s published tiered trading fee schedule. By depositing on Apifiny HEX, traders will unlock even lower trading fees  

To date, Apifiny has connected with over 20 of the top 100 global digital asset exchanges by trading volume, including Huobi Global, OKX, Kucoin, OKCoin exchanges, amongst others. Earlier this month, Apifiny launched Smart Order Routing, allowing institutional traders to execute at the best price by automating and optimizing multi-exchange trade execution.

For more details, please see Apifiny’s VIP Program fee table.

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