Apifiny® Launches C++ Crypto Trading Library Adding Okcoin as First Official Partner

Apifiny® Algo delivers suite of highest performance modular tools for market data access, order execution and strategy implementation 

Apifiny, the global cross-exchange digital asset trading network, today announced the launch of Apifiny Algo, an advanced performance crypto trading library in C++ for High Frequency Trading (HFT) and latency sensitive traders. The trading library is being rolled out with global cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin as Apifiny’s flagship partner, with Okcoin clients receiving free subscriptions to the high performance quant trading modules Apifiny Algo offers. 



According to the Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2021, 21 percent of traditional hedge fund managers also actively invest in digital assets, using quantitative and algorithmic investment strategies for trading cryptocurrencies. Apifiny Algo offers modules for direct market data access, order management and a strategy framework for trading algo implementation, reducing significant coding effort. It also addresses several pain points faced by quant traders, including coding effort, performance of existing libraries (Python vs C++), research capabilities and trading strategies implementation. Apifiny Algo offers the highest speed on market data processing and order placing. Its strategy framework is new in the market which allows traders to implement trading strategies with Apifiny and 3rd party strategy components.  

“Since trading strategies are not universal, HFT traders need smart solutions that go well beyond the average trading bot,” said Haohan Xu, CEO of Apifiny. “We identified that most crypto trading libraries only handle market data access and order placing, and are thrilled to provide a solution to this issue. Apifiny Algo gives quant traders the framework and components needed to turn their research into PnL. Our product allows users to implement unique trading logics in a streamlined process, something extremely important in today’s market.”

Apifiny Algo offers a 30-day free trial for Beta users. Users on Okcoin who have reached a certain trading volume threshold will be granted free access after the trial. While implemented in C++, it allows traders to code trading strategies in both Python and JSON, offering flexibility and convenience without compromising performance. The rollout will be gradual, with more advanced features launching in the coming months. 

“Okcoin clients want the most innovative cryptocurrency trading tools, and we’re thrilled to offer them the unique capabilities of Apifiny Algo,” said Jason Lau, COO of Okcoin. “We’re continuing to see an influx of hedge fund and traditional finance clientele, all of whom need well-designed trading and quant frameworks in the market. We look forward to offering them the speed, sophistication, and ease of use that Apifiny Algo delivers.”

For more information, please visit: https://algo.apifiny.com

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