Next-gen Trading for Exchanges, OTC Desks, Brokers and Market Makers: Interview with Apifiny CEO, Haohan Xu.

TechBullion interviewed our CEO and Founder, Haohan Xu, to learn about the next generation of trading capabilities for Institutional Digital Asset Exchanges, OTC Desks, Market Makers, Brokers, and Institutional Traders. “Apifiny is a distributed trading network (DTN) that can be seen as an exchange of exchanges.”

In this Q&A, TechBullion’s Angela Scott-Briggs spoke with Apifiny CEO and Founder Haohan Xu about the emerging concept of DTN’s, a growing field of digital asset exchange that Apifiny is pioneering.  

“Here’s some food for thought about the current state of crypto trading worldwide. First of all, due to local regulations, every exchange mainly uses local fiat as its base currency for trading, making each exchange an individual pool with limited liquidity. Concurrently bitcoin, as a global asset, has different prices across different exchanges at any given time. Also, according to data from Coin Market Cap, the 24-hour trading volume on Coinbase – which stands as one of the most high profile cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S. – actually represents less than 2% of the global trading volume. Taken together, these realities help to illustrate the fragmented global cryptocurrency marketplace.”

Additional highlights from this interview include: 

  • The origins of Apifiny, growing in classic fashion from Haohan’s dorm room into an international company.
  • An explanation of the DTN concept, and its convergence of blockchain, high-speed trading, and smart order routing (SOR) to uniquely connect the worlds of crypto and traditional assets. 
  • The Apifiny tech team makeup, including institutional trading executives from Morgan Stanley, NYSE, Merrill Lynch, Tower Research Capital, and other top companies
  • How Apifiny’s Global Best Bid and Offer (GBBO™) makes it possible for our clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the most attainable global lowest/highest price–all under a single Apifiny account without having to maintain any other exchange accounts
  • The role of Apifiny’s ExOne platform in creating a “Global Virtual Order book” by helping global, regulated, digital asset exchanges to share liquidity. Factors such as ExOne’s ability to perform high-speed conversion across multiple fiat currency trading pairs play an important role. 
  • Apifiny’s commitment to compliance and security

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