Apifiny Enters Bitcoin Mining to Accelerate Growth of its Global Trading Platform

Apifiny Will Invest Bitcoin Mined from 2550 Antminer Mining Machines to Increase Liquidity for Bitcoin, Other Digital Asset Market Making and Trading 

NEW YORK, NY — April 13, 2021 — Apifiny, a leading global digital asset trading network, today announced it has entered the Bitcoin mining business to accelerate growth of its global trading and market making platform. The company plans to invest Bitcoin mined from its initial acquisition of 2550 mining machines to increase liquidity and accelerate  the growth of its global trading and market making platform. By entering the Bitcoin mining market, Apifiny will enhance its leadership position by offering its users an entire value chain offering from mining and trading to market making.  

Today, the lack of global liquidity in digital asset trading continues to be a major challenge for exchanges, traders, token issuers, and market makers. Professional digital asset traders have no single platform that efficiently accesses global liquidity or finds the best global prices. Today’s news accelerates Apifiny’s momentum and will help increase its value as it continues to meet  these important market needs. 

“Bitcoin mining machines are a strategic investment and growth acceleration tool for us,” said Haohan Xu, chief executive officer of Apifiny. “We now own the entire value chain from mining and trading to market making across 5 continents. There is high synergy between ongoing Bitcoin inflow from our mining operations and our market making and trading platform that provide cost advantages and additional liquidity sources. It will allow us to offer our customers more efficient and diversified trading alternatives.”  

Apifiny is growing rapidly with $1.4B in monthly trading volume from Nov ‘20 to Feb ‘21, a 4x increase. The company’s customer roster includes the top 5 US exchanges and 23 of the top 100 global exchanges by trading volume, across 12 countries and 5 continents. 

Apifiny connects and trades with 24 exchange partners, including 10 new exchanges over the past 3 months, such as Crypto.com, Huobi Global, OKEx, Kucoin, HBTC and Blockchain.com’s Exchange among others. 


About Apifiny

Apifiny is a leading, global digital asset trading, liquidity and mining platform.  Apifiny unifies fragmented global trading marketplaces to provide professional traders and digital asset exchanges with simpler, faster, and more cost-effective, global trading and liquidity solutions. The company connects centralized financial institutions with decentralized networks to reimagine the global liquidity and trading value chains. Apifiny’s trading network enables professional traders to execute global, multi-exchange strategies, access deep global liquidity, superior price discovery, normalized market data, tighter spreads, and higher fill rates and capital utilization.

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