Crypto Exchange With the Best Referral Program

There are many things to consider when you’re talking about crypto exchanges. Ensuring you sign up with the right crypto exchange is not only beneficial for yourself but your friends and fellow trading partners as well. Promotions are a constant, but oftentimes, the best promotions could be hiding other aspects. 

With the best crypto referral programs, it’s easy to help yourself and referred friends earn. While a set reward for each referral may be appealing, there could be a better crypto referral program available. Earn crypto where you can, learn about a few of the best crypto referral programs below. 

5 Best Crypto Referral Programs

Below are five of the best crypto referral programs, see why Apifiny remains a leading option for both current and new users. 


Apifiny has been working to provide a unified, global trading platform for cryptocurrency is simply impressive. They want to support their users and their crypto referral program is just one way they are doing so. Earning commission on trading fees is effortless when you refer new users to Apifiny Connect and/or Apifiny HEX. 


  • Potential to earn up to 20% from fees generated by referred users trades 
  • All traders must complete KYC to complete the account which helps support impressive security 
  • No hidden pricing: referred users know exactly what to expect 


  • Rewards capped at $1.5K USD
  • Payout is done weekly 
  • Referred user must get verified advanced KYC (ideal for security, but can be timely)


One of the most appealing aspects of Coinbase’s crypto referral program is the fact that they do not require a lump sum $100 trade upfront. 

The referred user can meet the $100 trade minimum within the first six months of opening their new Coinbase account. While this is an appealing trait to referred users, it can be a downside for the referrer. 


  • $10 for every $100 trade completed 
  • Referred users only need to trade $100 on Coinbase to earn for themselves
  • Referred users can complete trades within six months 


  • Payouts are done every four business days 
  • Referral rewards are limited, although the number of users you refer is never limited 
  • Orders can take up to four business days to complete offers their users a competitive referral program, but they, unfortunately, have a major disconnect that affects many of their users. While offers both app and website services, these don’t integrate when it comes to their crypto referral program. 

You can earn considerable commissions on your referred users’ trades, but they must be referred on the same platform for it to be valid. 


  • Payout is done immediately 
  • Receive up to $2,000 (in CRO) and 50% of their trading fees (for every referral)
  • No referral limits


  • Referred user must get verified advanced KYC (ideal for security, but can be timely)
  • Referred user must stake at least 1,000 CRO 
  • Referral program does not cross over between app and website 


Binance offers one of the more competitive crypto referral programs and is one you can actually earn decent money back from. The amount you can earn is directly impacted by the trade volume your referred users complete. 

This amount can be far greater than a simple $10 here and there, but again, it depends on your referred user so you’re never guaranteed any rewards. This crypto referral program can benefit the referrer more and doesn’t always benefit the referred user. 


  • Payouts are done every 24 hours 
  • Commission rates from 20% to 40% (amount depends on your BNB balance) 
  • You can share rewards with your referral as well as get trade discounts 


  • Referred user is not guaranteed rewards 
  • Must be sure to have all Binance accounts opened to receive full rewards 
  • Referral kickback rate is set by referrer (can be ideal for the referrer, but if a referred user does not gain, they may leave exchange) 


Gemini continues to provide hassle-free trading for its users and maintains a simple crypto referral program. 

While the trading window to earn the rewards for the referred user is small, it can benefit the referrer when they do so quickly. Gemini’s referral program may not earn you the most in rewards, but it is consistent. 


  • $10 in BTC for yourself and your referred user **Restrictions apply 
  • Payout within two business days 
  • Easy to share the referral link on both the app and exchange 


  • New user reward of $50 can be more appealing than a $10 referral reward (although larger trade requirements exist) 
  • Referred users must trade $100 within 30 days of creating their Gemini account 
  • Gemini is known to have higher fees than competitors which can be a deterrent to referred users 

What Is a Crypto Referral Program?

Referral programs are nothing new in the marketing world. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to gain users or business and crypto referral programs continue to develop as cryptocurrency does. 

Crypto referral programs help the current exchange users earn money or rewards for bringing in new users. Simple really, refer new users and earn. Grow your network with the best crypto referral program working for you. 

How Does a Crypto Referral Program Work?

Crypto referral programs work by supporting both the current user and new user most of the time. Without an appeal to both users, there is typically less success. Apifiny offers a desirable crypto referral program that allows its users to earn up to 20% commission on the referred users’ trading fees. Most crypto referral programs have rewards based on trading fees, but there are some programs that offer a standard reward. 

Multi-exchange trading platforms have simplified trading for crypto investors. HEX allows its users to track their portfolios on one platform, keeping their accounts streamlined and in one place. Adding your different API keys from your varying accounts allows it all to stay connected. This means you can trade just as you would on a traditional platform, but all your accounts are on one single platform. 

How To Get a Crypto Referral Through Apifiny

  • Step 1: Have a valid and verified account with Apifiny (Click here to get started) 
  • Step 2: Once you have completed your account verification, you can deposit funds and start trading yourself 
  • Step 3: You can then share your referral code or link 
  • Step 4: Once your referred users complete their account verification and meet the minimum requirements for the referral program, you can start earning! 

Apifiny: The Best Crypto Referral Program for Institutional Investors

If you could earn additional crypto by simply inviting your friends and trading partners to join your exchange, why wouldn’t you do it? Thankfully, Apifiny keeps it easy for their users and offers an appealing commission potential with their crypto referral program. 

Not only are they working to simplify crypto trading with a hybrid exchange (HEX), but they’re working to help you earn more in the process. When you’re ready to invest in cryptocurrency with an exchange that is there to benefit you, look to Apifiny’s HEX for the best crypto referral program and much more. 

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