Apifiny® Digital Asset Trading Network

Institutional trading on 20+ exchanges with one account

One world. One market.

Global Crypto Price Discovery

Trade anywhere. Anytime.

Multi-exchange trading platform
Smart Order Routing Crypto

Global price discovery and best price execution

Support FIX API access, even for exchanges that do not offer FIX. Apifiny also supports RESTful and Websocket APIs.

Trade on any connected trading platform with just one account. Save operational headaches by eliminating the need to onboard with multiple trading platforms.

Reduce fees by leveraging Apifiny’s global reach and trading volume.

Become a liquidity provider on Apifiny® HEX to unlock even lower trading fees on Apifiny Connect®

Achieve best global price execution across connected exchanges. Reduce slippage on large-block orders.

Apifiny Advantages

Crypto Market Data API for Institutions

Access to 20+ Trading Markets

crypto trading api for institutional traders

One Set of APIs with Colocation³ Included

Trade Crypto API with 20% Trading Fee Discount

20% Trading Fee Discount

Smart Order Routing (SOR) Across Connected Exchanges

Trade Crypto API — One account and onboarding

One Account and Onboarding Process

Instant cross-exchange crypto transfers

Instant Cross-exchange Transfers²

Connected Exchanges

Our Clients

Crypto Trading API for Institutions and Funds

Professional Traders

Crypto Trading API for Professional Traders

Institutions & Funds

Trade Crypto API for OTC Desks and Brokders

OTC Desks & Brokers

crypto api trading for market makers

Market Makers

Apifiny® Connect

Trade on 20+ leading exchanges with a single set of APIs

Apifiny® HEX (Hybrid Exchange)

Centralized and decentralized trading. Reimagined.

Apifiny® Algo

High-performance crypto trading library in C++

Apifiny Algo with C++ Trading Library

Apifiny in the media


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